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on Pinterest… and Tumblr?

Pinterest – located at – is a social photo-sharing website. Users can establish accounts, and then set up collections of images that reflect their interest. 

Other users can browse their collections, ‘like’ various items, collect images from each other, and establish mutual interest relationships and so on. 

Launching as a closed beta in March 2010, the site has in stages opened up to the public, and has generated a lot of enthusiasm in the process.

On August 16, 2011, Time magazine published Pinterest in its “50 Best Websites of 2011” column.(Wikipedia)

Just in the last few months – December, January – the site has been skyrocketing with users. It crossed the 10 million user mark last month, being one of the fastest sites to do so.

Users love it’s visuality, ease of use, and it’s ability to facilitate relationships with others of similar interests. It links in with Facebook, Twitter,  has an RSS feed feature, comes with WordPress widgets and there’s an iPhone app for it too!

But recently, awareness has been growing of downsides for users of the site. In particular related to the very use of images that is such a big part of its appeal. 

I literally only heard of this site about a week ago.

A few days ago, I retweeted this tweet about it:

56 Ways to Market Your Business on via @copyblogger RT @brasonja #in

And that tweet of mine was RT’d about 4 times, more than almost any other of my tweets. Clearly it is a topic of interest right now! So as I began to read today more concerns about the site, I thought I’d pull together this blog post about it all.

Here is a clearer link to that article on CopyBlogger

It talks about a wide spectrum of ways to use Pinterest for marketing your business, everything from social media immersion techniques to branding to traffic analysis techniques to webinar support. Seems all very exciting and wonderful, but read on, please!

Another Pinterest-excitement tweet I saw recently:

How the medical industry is using (and could use): Pinterest RT @MelissaOnline

This MedCityNews article showcases how the medical industry already uses and could even more use Pinterest to boost patient morale, improve patient education and, of course, engage in cutting-edge marketing activities. 

This page also mentions the revenue stream aspect of Pinterest, which involves affiliate marketing via Skimlinks and changing the codes linked to images to replace the original marketer with Pinterest . That practice, described further in this MarketingLand article is generating interest and concern as more people become aware of it. 

But copyright theft is a much more serious concern, since it involves legal ramifications that are completely beyond what users have in mind when they sign up to use Pinterest. This BusinessInsider describes those concerns. 

In a question and answer format, the piece explores the idea that Pinterest may be more illegal than Napster was, due to its use of images not owned by the user, thereby violating the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). Pinterest actually ‘requires’ that each user ‘own’ rights to the images they post, but they in no way reinforce that requirement. 

This article explores the fair use argument and how it applies to Pinterest (and Tumblr, for that matter), and also mentions that Pinterest grabs whole sites when people ‘pin’ an image from that site, making it all even more serious.

Pinterest makes users even more uncomfortable in its statement that it reserves the right to sell any image posted by a user. This article by RWW mentions that several businesses, after initially signing up to use Pinterest, almost immediately closed their accounts as they more fully explored the implications.  What it boils down to is that, if a user posts a photo which they don’t own the license to (a license given them free, world-wide, very broad and open rights to), they could be sued for posting it (and thereby granting Pinterest the right to sell it). 

All in all, seems like a lot going on that hasn’t fully been worked through yet.. both for Pinterest, and even perhaps for Tumblr!

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EdTechSandyK: Leaving Tumblr


Well, I gave Tumblr a try. For all the things I like about it, which include the ease of posting small snipits of interest without doing a full blown blog post, I cannot get past the amount of clean-up I constantly have to do regarding spammers and pornographers who “like” my posts.

It makes PLN building not so fun….

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And, on that subject of Tumblr applicability..

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Building company sites on Tumblr - good idea?

Interesting article from Mashable on who is using Tumblr, what content is most popular, what gets reblogged, what kind of company sites would best fit in here.

They were pretty clear that the most in-demand content *is* accounting services info - what we have right here! Just kidding. But no, these are exactly the reasons why I don’t post much of *that*, but instead related/other things of interest.

Great info though on the entrepreneur-Tumblr relationship!

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Tumblr as business webpage platform - issues

Since this is a business page on Tumblr, pretty much *have* to include this article from American Express’ business blog.. interesting conversation about it.

Myself, I’ve decided to keep this for now, but not to have it be my *primary* presence on the web. Too much great content/people here to leave!

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Surpassed Facebook!! Tumblr Rules!

Tumblr is way up there at 26!!!
And Facebook is far, far behind at a measly 23!
It is established, once and for all, Tumblr is much more everything great than Facebook. This proves it:

Now, the contest continues till Feb 9, so I’d appreciate your ongoing vigilance in maintaining the status quo. Whatever that ‘other’ thing is, we’ll just ignore it. Being more than Facebook is the prime directive. 
Thanks so much!!

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Tumblweeds is kind of a bummer. It kicks sand in the face of the curated and varied meritocracy of the Tumblr universe. The next generation of Tumblrs will all follow the same 50 people instead of gradually finding their own unique core community. As a result, the rich (influential) will get richer and the next generation will all feed from the same trough.
Presumably, those who are already popular won’t have a problem with this and the next generation probably won’t notice. Your thoughts?

worship the glitch

I only saw a screenshot of Tumblrweeds so I’m not entirely qualified to have an opinion yet but I agree with Eric. It took me 3 years to find the right people to follow, today I can say that the value of relationships nurtured on Tumblr is times higher than the ones on Twitter.

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